Amy is the best! She is super personable and does a fabulous job of perming my lashes. I cannot imagine life without her lash perms. It really saves me so much time every morning!
— Megan S.
I got my very first lash extensions from Amy and I LOVED them! My natural lashes are pretty short so I wanted to try out extensions. I highly recommend Amy for lashes, she’s great at what she does and will make your lashes look amazing!
— Mindy N.
Thanks to Miss Amy, my lashes always look fabulous!!! I live far, but it’s totally worth the drive.
— Cherryleen T.
Worth every penny. I was traveling to a tropical place and didn’t want to bother with mascara or falsies. But I still wanted to look my best for all the pictures I would be taking while on vacation. So I got my very first lash extensions done by Amy. It was one of the best investments I made.
— Sarah K.
I am in LOOOOOVEEEE with my eyebrows!!!! Amy is really the best and was so sweet. she gave my eyebrows the perfect shape and arch. I feel so sexy. I usually do my own eyebrows but it was totally worth coming to her. I feel like she’s changed my whole face. She really took her time with my eyebrows and cleaned them up really well.
— Christina Z.