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All appointments must be canceled or rescheduled 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time. No exceptions. If you decide during your appointment to change or cancel the service(s) you booked, you will be charged 100% of the service(s) originally booked.  


Classic vs. Volumes

Classics are a set of individual lash extensions placed on individual natural lashes. 

Volumes are a set of multiple lightweight extensions that are fanned out to create more volume and density, or fill in the gaps, and are placed on individual natural lashes. (especially great for those with thin/sparse lashes)  

Hybrid (most popular) is combining a mix of classics and volumes to create a natural yet voluminous look.  

Full Set: 

Classic Lashes $175 | Hybrid $250 | Volumes $275

  • Thickness of the diameter of the lash extension determines on what your natural lashes can handle. If lashes are too thin, and we were to go too thick, it can result in damages by weighing down your natural lashes, ultimately causing them to break off. 
  • In order to maintain healthy lashes, it is recommended to go with a diameter your technician recommends. 
  • Wearing mascara is not necessary after getting lash extensions. Mascara will ruin lash extensions if used. 
  • Prepare to shower prior to your appointment as you will have to keep your lashes dry for 24 hours after your service to allow the glue to set.

Touch Up:

Classic Lashes $75 | Hybrid $100 | Volumes $125

  • Classic Touch Up is when you have already done a full set and need to get your lashes refilled. 
  • Lash extensions are made to grow and shed with your natural lashes. After a 2-3 weeks you will need to get them refilled.
  • MUST have at least 50% of the extensions on in order for it to be a touch up. Less than 50% will result in a higher cost (more than a touch up: classic $95, hybrid $115, volumes $145) for a fill. 

Touch Up (with lashes done from another salon):

Classic Lashes $95 | Hybrid $125 | Volumes $150

  • If you come in with someone else's work, the touch up will cost a little more than the standard cost. Reason being, every lash artist has different techniques for applying lash extensions as well as different brands of glue they use. It may be harder to remove lashes from someone else's work we're not familiar with resulting in more time. 

Mini Touch Up:

Classic Lashes $55 | Hybrid $75 | Volumes $95

  • Like your lashes constantly looking fresh and don't like laying down for a whole hour? Come in on a weekly basis with a Mini Touch Up!
  •  Have an event that happens to fall a week or two before your following Touch Up appointment? Do a Mini! 
  • Must have at least 75% of the extensions on in order for it to be a Mini Touch Up. 

Keratin Lash Lift $110 

  • A new healthy way to perm your lashes!
  • Keratin conditions your lashes while increasing volume!
  • Keratin promotes lash growth, strength and thickness.
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Lash Lift will curl and lift your lashes. No need for eyelash curlers with these babies!
  • Lash Lift will last 1.5-2 months!
  • Suitable for short or long eyelashes
  • Keratin Lash Lift is best used along with the Keratin Mascara for optimal results. Keratin mascara contains Arginine, Keratin and Biotin for strong and healthy lash growth. Keratin mascara is the only mascara safe to use immediately after the Lash Lift service! (sold in salon)
    • Keratin is a strengthening protein that is naturally found in skin, hair and nails.  The Keratins job is to protect and strengthen the natural lash. 
    • Essential Amino Acids Arginine and Biotin play the important role of healing and strengthening  which speeds up the repair time and promotes healthy growth of lashes that might be damaged from wearing lash extensions, over styling or require some extra care.

Lash Lift $75

  • Lash lift will curl and lift by perming your lashes. Say goodbye to eyelash curlers!
  • Lash lift will last for 1.5-2 months!
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Suitable for short or long eyelashes
  • Prepare to not wear any eye make up for 24 hours after service to prolong the perm. Make sure you don't have a date the night of your appointment!

Lash Tint $30

  • For blondes and light colored lashes or brunettes that have lighter tips.
  • Great to tint prior to doing lash extensions if you have really light colored lashes.
  • Results last approximately 1 month. 
  • Tint is a plant base dye. 

Lash Removal $25

  • Gel made specifically to safely remove lash extensions. 
  • For whatever reason you'd like to remove your lash extensions, it is highly advised to not rip them off as you may rip out your own natural lashes. Either let them grow and fall off on their own or come in and have them properly removed. 


Brow Shaping $25

  • Wax, trim and tweeze.
  • Shaping brows using a cream zinc oxide wax to combat after wax breakouts,  and pure essential oils to calm and cleanse the skin prior and post wax. 
  • WARNING: If you're on any beauty creams/medications such as Retin-A, Retinol, Tretinoin, etc. (skin smoothing) you must be off it for at least 3 months prior to waxing.  If using Accutane, must be off it for at least 12 months prior to waxing. The skin is too thin and waxing may cause your skin to lift.

Brow Tweeze $30

  • Trim and tweeze only for those allergic or have extremely sensitive skin to wax.

Brow Tint $20

  • Great for light colored brows. Tint to help your brows stand out.
  • Trending is tinting regardless if you have dark or light colored brows to give your brows a filled in look without having to actually fill in the brows with make up by staining the skin beneath the brow follicles. 
  • Can also give your brows a fuller look.
  • Results last approximately 1 month.
  • Plant base dye.

Men's Brow Clean Up $20

  • Minimal trimming and tweeze.
  • Waxing brows using a cream zinc oxide wax, and pure essential oils to calm and cleanse the skin prior and post wax. 


  • Using Hard Wax to remove unwanted facial hair. Hard Wax is great for sensitive skin, it's a lot gentler especially for your face.
  • Great for those who just want to get rid of peach fuzz to get smoother looking skin.

Lip Wax $10                                                        Cheek Wax $25

Chin Wax $15                                                     Full Face Wax $55

Nose Wax $15                                                    Full Face Wax w/ Brows $75

SEMI-PERMANENT MAKE UP... (coming soon)

Microblading Eyebrows

  • Feathering hair strokes onto your brows for the most natural looking semi-permanent brow tattoo
  • Lasts 18-24 months

Soft Powered Ombre Eyebrows

  • Like the way your brows look filled in with powder or brow make up? You'll like this technique. Ombre will make the brows look softer as it gets darker towards the tail end of your brows. 
  • Lasts 18-24 months

Tight-lined Eyeliner 

  • A very natural eyeliner technique. The tattoo is hidden within your lash line, making it virtually invisible even when eyes are closed. This makes your lash line darker thus making your eyes stand out, and making your lashes look fuller. 
  • Lasts 18-24 months 


Brow Shaping + Brow Tint $40

Brow Tweeze + Brow Tint $50

Lash Lift + Tint $95

Keratin Lash Lift + Tint $130