Common Questions & Answers

1. How long will my Lash Lift last and can I do anything to make them last longer? Lash Lifts lasts 6-8 weeks.

Your lashes are constantly growing and shedding (yes, they grow that fast). As they grow, they will grow back to their original state eventually growing completely out again where you have no residual perm left over. We do not suggest coming in sooner than 6 weeks. We want the majority of your lashes to have grown out before we lift them again so we don't over process your lashes and are perming new lashes.

2. Why do my lashes get kinky after a few weeks of doing the Lash Lift?

Natural lashes are often straight and pointing downwards. Natural lashes also grow criss cross over lapping one another. When we do the Lash Lift, we lay your lashes on straight, uniformed, and parallel to one another, hence why they look fanned out after the service. As your lashes grow, they will start growing back to their original state starting from the roots. They will start growing straight out, pointing down, and criss crossing one another, meanwhile the mid to end of your lashes still have the residual perm which is lifted causing your lashes to go in all sorts of directions and may appear kinky. How kinky your lashes may turn out depends on the anatomy of your natural lashes. Some clients grow more criss cross than others or more downwards than others. 

Purchasing the Keratin Mascara will greatly help relax the lashes as they grow out as well as thicken and nourish them. Clients have reported their Lash Lift lasting longer with this product. 

3. How come only one eye got kinky than the other eye after the Lash Lift? This hasn't happened the last few times I've done this service. 

There are a few factors that can come into play with this, most often it has to do with your lash growth cycle. One side can be kinky or shaped differently than the other if you sleep often on that one specific side. More often though it has to do with your growth cycle. Hair grows in cycles all over your body including your lashes and brows. One side will shed faster and more than the other side, then once that one is done it alternates to the other eye resulting to a great shed where both eyes seem to be more sparse than usual. After this cycle is complete then they will all grow back again resulting in noticeably fuller longer hair. After that, the cycle starts all over again. Another factor may be "stress lashes". We all know when we are stressed we lose hair, but we don't just lose hair on our heads, we lose hair all over. It is much more noticeable when we have "stress lashes/brows" because our hair isn't as dense there, so missing two or three follicles can be very noticeable. 

4. How do I know if I have a damaged or traumatized hair follicle? 

Damaged hair follicles result in permanent hair lost with that specific follicle. Hair cannot regrow there no matter what products we try to use. This can happen from over tweezing, removing the hair incorrectly from tweezing, or on lashes it can be from rubbing your lashes too hard, scratching at them, wearing strip lashes incorrectly and removing, and or lash curlers. If the hair follicle is traumatized, hair may grow back there but will not grow back in the same direction as the rest of the follicles. You can often see this on Lash Lift clients where after their service some lashes will still go whichever way it wants to go despite the perm (the good news is we can try to train the hair to go a certain way after a few sessions)

5. Why shouldn't I tweeze in between my Brow Shaping appointments?

This refers to the hair growth cycle stated in Question #3. We don't want to disrupt the growth cycle. The goal is to get all your brows to grow at the same time and then remove them all at the same time. This results in clean brows without dark bulbs stuck underneath the skin, and also a more define brow as well as a more consistent shape. Tweezing in between will disrupt the growth cycle forcing all the follicles to grow at different rates. When that happens, we are more incline to tweeze as new thicker darker follicles keep arising the following day. If they are on a regular growth cycle, this will slow down that process, your thick stubbies will grow back like normal soft thin follicles, as well as slow down the growth process. It takes about 3 months for your brows to get onto a regular growth cycle. It is definitely hard to go through, but once you're on the regular growth cycle you'll see how worth it was and see the difference. 

6. Why do Lash Extensions only last 2-3 weeks?

Your lashes are constantly growing and shedding. If you were to keep your extensions on without coming in for a touch up, your extensions will eventually completely grow out and then shed with your natural lash. Depending on the anatomy of your lashes and how well you maintain your lashes will determine how long they will last. Some clients lashes grow much faster than the average, and some grow much slower and shed much slower than the average resulting to 4 -5 weeks without needing a touch up. 

7. I'm afraid of washing my lashes, I see extensions fall off if I do. Is this normal? Why's it so important to shampoo my lashes?

We want to keep your lashes as healthy and strong as possible and by doing so you need to keep your lashes clean. Extensions are placed on your natural lashes with proper isolation which keeps your lashes moving freely and not stuck to one another. Your lashes are constantly growing and shedding at different rates. If they are stuck together by gunk (aka left over makeup, product, or natural oils) it can disrupt the shedding process. If the hair follicles are blocked by gunk as well it will not allow new follicles to grow in, thus resulting in sparse thinning lashes over time. It is normal to see extensions fall off with your own natural lashes, that lash was ready to shed. On average we shed 5 lashes per day per eye. 

8. I'm afraid to do Lash Extensions, I've heard you lose lashes and they thin out. Is this true?

Yes, with improper care and a negligent lash technician you can permanently damage your lashes. We pride ourselves in educating our clients so they understand what's on them and how to properly care for them. Proper application and proper care is key to healthy lashes (refer to Question #7 for proper isolation and care) It is also highly recommended to take breaks after some time of doing extensions. Your lash artist should let you know when it's a good time to by looking at the health of your lashes. With early detection, you'd only need to take a month off. Lashes grow fast when they're healthy. Please listen to your artist when she advises you on the health of your lashes, it is absolutely crucial especially if you want to do this long term. Lash Extensions aren't necessarily bad for your lashes. It's like getting your nails done, overtime the gel/acrylic will break the nail down causing the nails to thin out, but after taking a break our nails grow back thick, that goes the same with the glue on the lashes. We always highly recommend all of our lash clients whether they're doing Lash Extensions/ Lash Lifts to take vitamins or products to help their lashes, such as the serum Lash Boost and Biotin Vitamin. Stronger thicker lashes results in longer beautiful lasting results.

9. How do I know if I'm having an allergic reaction to the Lash Extensions or just improper application?

Allergic reactions to Lash Extensions are very rare but do occur. Some clients are allergic to the glue. Some clients can go on days, weeks, months, even years without having a reaction then suddenly develop it. We aren't sure why this happens but we've experienced it all throughout the industry. Once you have an allergic reaction, the likelihood of experiencing another one even at a different salon or with a different glue is 99% possible you will react. The best thing you can do is take a Benedryl and immediately contact your lash artist to schedule a lash removal, once removed your reactions will dissipate. Do not attempt to remove yourself, you may rip and permanently damage your own lashes.  What are the reactions like? Often times swollen or puffy eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes on the lids or the eyeball, the skin may appear dry around the lash line. 

Improper application can be when the artist accidentally places an extension too close to your eye lid which can cause your lash line to feel sore or tender in that area. You should not feel your extensions at all with proper application. 

10. I'm pregnant and interested in a Lash Lift/ Lash Extensions, am I a candidate?

Yes, you can still do these services as long as you consult with your doctor first. We have done a few clients but they made sure they got the okay from their doctor. Health comes first.