Lash/Brow Color Boost

Using plant base color only, to safely stain the color of your hair and skin to enhance your lashes and or brows. 

  • CAUTION: If you have sensitive skin, allergic to black pigment, and or bad reaction to hair coloring, please request a patch test prior to your appointment.

Lash Color Boost $35

  • For blondes and light colored lashes or brunettes that have lighter tips.
  • Great to color prior to doing lash extensions if you have really light colored lashes.
  • Results last approximately 1 month. 
  • Color is a plant base. 

Brow Color Boost $25

  • Great for light colored brows. Color Boost helps your brows stand out.
  • Trending is Color Boost regardless if you have dark or light colored brows to give your brows a filled in look without having to actually fill in the brows with make up by staining the skin beneath the brow follicles. 
  • Can also give your brows a fuller look.
  • Results last approximately 1 month.
  • Plant base color.
  • This works best with a Brow Shaping  as the color does pick up all surrounding peach fuzz, waxing will help clean the edges making the stain more defined.