Lash Extensions

Full Set

  • Must book this set if you currently have no lash extensions on

  • Thickness of the diameter of the lash extension determines on what your natural lashes can handle. If lashes are too thin, and we were to go too thick, it can result in damages by weighing down your natural lashes, ultimately causing them to break off.

  • In order to maintain healthy lashes, it is recommended to go with a diameter your technician recommends.

  • Wearing mascara is not necessary after getting lash extensions. Mascara will ruin lash extensions if used.

  • Prepare to shower prior to your appointment as you will have to keep your lashes dry for 24 hours after your service to allow the glue to set.

Touch Up

  • Classic Touch Up is when you have already done a full set and need to get your lashes refilled.

  • Lash extensions are made to grow and shed with your natural lashes. After a 2-4 weeks you will need to get them refilled depending on how well you maintain them, lifestyle, as well as how fast your lashes naturally grow.

  • MUST have at least 50% of the extensions on in order for it to be a touch up. Less than 50% will result in a higher cost

Touch Up (from another salon)

  • If you come in with someone else's work, the touch up will cost a little more than the standard cost. Reason being, every lash artist has different techniques for applying lash extensions as well as different brands of glue they use. It may be harder to remove lashes from someone else's work we're not familiar with resulting in more time.

Mini Touch Up

  • Like your lashes constantly looking fresh and don't like laying down for a whole hour? Come in on a weekly basis with a Mini Touch Up!

  • Have an event that happens to fall a week or two before your following Touch Up appointment? Do a Mini!

  • Must have at least 75% of the extensions on in order for it to be a Mini Touch Up.