Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Lash Extensions last?

Average is 3 weeks. It does vary between each individual though. Some clients have lashes that grow at a faster rate than others, they may have to come in sooner. It also depends on lifestyle. A lot of active clients who do hot yoga, swim a lot, sweat a lot etc, tend to have a 2 week retention rate. It also depends on how you maintain your lashes at home. How well you clean them and keep them clean, wearing makeup, as well as how gentle you are with them i.e. sleeping on them can make them fall out sooner or bend them out of shape. Being sick makes them come off sooner due to dehydration from being ill (yup your lashes get dry and brittle) and or crying. Having oily skin can make them fall off sooner as well, as oil dissolves the glue fairly quickly. There are a few clients who can retain up to 4-5 weeks, I call them my unicorns. So again, it really varies.  

Are Lash Extensions damaging? 

The way I like to answer this question is think about getting your nails done. Over time after getting gels or acrylic, the protein breaks down, thinning out your nails resulting in having to take a break. After a break, they grow out and strengthen again. It's the same with lash extensions. They're not bad if applied on properly and with proper care, but it is advised to take breaks as well. I always recommend to my clients to take at least one to two breaks a year. It's the lash artists job to be able to recognize when your natural lashes are a looking a little distressed and to advise a break. With early detection, typically a one month break is enough to strengthen your lashes again. 

What are some tips on maintaining healthy lashes?

  • Be gentle with them, especially with lash extensions on, as they're glued to your natural lashes. (if hair is yanked/pulled incorrectly and the follicle is traumatized, hair cannot grow back e.g. over tweezed brows)
  • Keep them clean. Even on days you don't wear makeup, your natural body oils mixed in with everyday environment/pollution etc., do cause build up. Always clean, especially when you do wear makeup. Keeping your lashes clean will keep your lashes healthy. When there's too much build up and all the dirt or makeup are mixed in with your natural oils, when dried, they become almost concrete resulting in breaking your lashes, crimping them, and not allowing new follicles to grow in from blockage. Don't be afraid to clean them. Yes! some extensions will fall out, but they're made to shed and grow with your natural lashes. They need to come off so new ones can come in which is why you have touch ups every few weeks. You wouldn't go weeks without washing your hair right? All that itch and oil? I've seen dandruff on lashes... that's bacteria eating away at your lashes. It's worth losing extensions for the sake of your natural lashes.
  • Keep them dry. Even though you can go swimming with them and shower. The more you can keep them dry the better and longer they'll last. Have you seen your hair on a humid day or after you showered and air dried it? They get kinda crazy! You know what I'm talking about... same concept on your lashes. A great tip is to blow dry at a distance on cool so your lashes dry, fan out, and fluff up again whenever you get them wet or in a dewy environment.
  • Take Bio-Sil!