Brow Shaping


Wax, trim and tweeze.

  • Shaping brows using a Cream Zinc Oxide Wax to combat after wax breakouts, and pure essential oils to calm and cleanse the skin prior and post wax.

  • We like to finish your treatment with complimentary magic globes to cool and calm the skin as well as reduce redness and the option to have your brows filled in.

  • WARNING: If you're on any beauty creams/medications such as blood thinners, and Retin-A, Retinol, Tretinoin, etc. (skin smoothing) you must be off it for at least 3 months prior to waxing. If using Accutane, must be off it for at least 12 months prior to waxing. The skin will be too thin and waxing may cause your skin to lift. Change in hormone can also thin the skin and cause lifting. We offer tweeze only for those using any of these products and or have sensitive skin clients.